Bulging Disc

Neck, back pain, lower back and sciatic pain can be caused by common
disc problems such as a bulging disc.  Patients may also experience sciatic
pain, numbness, tingling, muscular weakness, and difficulty moving or
controlling their legs if the bulging disc occurs at the L5-S1 area.   Our

WHITEE Patch product is able to restore the damaged disc structure and
eliminate pain and other symptoms in a period of 2 weeks to 3 months.    
Patients usually notice improvement in 8 days and in 17 days for severe
conditions.  For elderly patients with osteoporosis, however, it may take up to
a full month.   We also recommend
LC Balancer, an oral treatment, to assist
in achieving sustained results by improving microcirculation.

Bulging Disc in Mild or Moderate Conditions
For a bulging disc in a mild/moderate condition, it is recommended to start
with a 17 day treatment of 6 WHITEE Patches and 2 LC Balancers and then
to evaluate the condition. Patients may experience total or partial symptom
elimination.  If the patient experiences partial improvement, we recommend
continuing with 2 weeks of LC Balancer, and then returning to the WHITEE
Patch treatment for the 2nd round until total pain elimination has been

Bulging Disc in Severe Conditions
For severe conditions where the disc is on the verge of rupture, we
recommend a continuous 3 month treatment with the WHITEE Patches
LC Balancer which includes 3 treatment sessions. Each session takes 1
month and requires 6 WHITEE Patches (17 days on followed by 14 days off)
and 4 LC Balancers. Patients should notice significant pain reduction (about
50%) after the 1st treatment session.  After the 2nd session, patients usually
experience 75% symptom elimination. The 3rd session is recommended to
achieve sustained pain relief.

Bulging Disc due to Trauma
To heal a trauma related injury is a lot faster than an aging related condition.  
Patients may experience a moderate to severe pain increase during the
initial 8 days of treatment as a result of fast healing.   If the pain level is
intolerable, we recommend using the smaller sized patch and reducing or
cutting back on the
LC Balancer so as to slow down the healing process.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
If patients are still experiencing pain after spine surgery, we recommend
the above mentioned 3 month treatment with the WHITEE Patch and LC