Muscle Spasm and Sciatic Pains

Back muscle spasm and sciatic pain, a radiculopathy that radiating from the
spine to the leg, can be caused by pinched nerve where the nerve or set of
nerves were injured.   Patients may also experience numbness or burning
sensation in addition to the pain.   Pinched nerve can also occur on other
part of the body.   Such nerve injury can be healed with a 6
WHITEE Patches
treatment and the associated pain and other symptom can be eliminated in

Patients may feel pain getting worse in the initial 8 days and will experience
pain reduction as treatment continues.  For patients over 50 years old, the
LC Balancer Product which improves systematic microcirculation is also
required to achieve desired treatment result.

If there is also disc injury associated with the pinched nerve such as
Herniated Disc or Bulging Disc, please refer to our recommend treatment
for those conditions.