Back Pain & Disc Problems

Neck, back pain, lower back and sciatic pain can be caused by common
disc problems such as: disc herniation, bulging disc, degenerative disc
disease (DDD), bone spurs and stenosis. We recommend the
WHITEE Patch to
treat these problems by improving the disc structure and healing
the disc injuries. We also recommend
LC Balancer, an oral treatment, to
assist in achieving sustained results by improving microcirculation. Patients
usually notice improvement in 8 days with a treatment of 3 patches and in 17
days with 6 patches for severe conditions. For elderly patients with
osteoporosis, however, it may take up to a full month. Treatment times range
from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on conditions. We recommend
evaluating the treatment results every 2 weeks. If there is no significant
improvement within 1 month, please contact us immediately for a
customized recommendation. As part of the healing process, patients may
feel the pain increases at a moderate to severe intensity during the 1st eight
days due to a mix of healing and increased nerve sensations, especially for
trauma related cases. If the condition is related to aging, symptoms may
return and another 17-day treatment may be required.
Disc Herniation - 3 Month Program
We recommend a continuous 3 month treatment with the WHITEE Patches
and LC Balancer resulting in 3 treatment sessions. Each session takes 1
month and requires 6
WHITEE Patches (17 days on followed by 14 days off) and 4 LC Balancers.
Patients should notice significant pain reduction (about 50%) after the 1st
treatment session.  After the 2nd session, patients usually experience 75%
symptom elimination. The 3rd session is recommended to achieve
sustained pain relief. Patients should avoid heavy lifting or rigorous exercise
during the treatment

Bulging Disc - 2 Week to 3 Month Program
For bulging disc in mild/moderate condition, we recommend a 2 week
treatment (6 WHITEE Patches and 2 LC Balancers). Patient may experience
total symptom elimination. At the end of the 1st and 2nd week of treatment,
mechanical adjustments are recommended. For severe conditions (where
the disc is on the verge of rupture), the same 3 month treatment as a disc
herniation is required. If patients do not experience pain reduction with the
combination of herbal treatment and adjustment, we recommend a special
exercise program which is available upon request. Patient should expect a
significant pain reduction after 24 hours of the recommended exercise.
The treatment protocol for a Stenosis condition is similar to a disc
herniation, except that treatment times generally vary between 3-6 months.
Also, a 23-day patch treatment (8-patch treatment) is recommended in the
first month. Maximal pain reduction may be at 50% - 100% after 3 months of

Bone Spurs
For bone spurs in the spinal column, we recommend a 3 month treatment of
WHITEE Patch, LC Balancer and Brown Juice. At the end of the first month of
treatment, patients will experience approximately 50% improvement.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
The treatment is the same as for herniation. The success rate, however, is
about 50% with metal implant cases.

Traumatic Disc Injury
Patients may experience a moderate to severe pain increase, dizziness
(cervical disc injury), nausea and/or vomiting (thoracic disc injury), skin
bruises, or black stool during the initial 8 days of treatment due to nerve
restoration and clearance of  dead tissue or blood due to the healing

Muscle Spasm Due to Pinched Nerve or Injury Induced Early DDD
We recommend first locating the disc that is at a similar level as the muscle
spasm by pressing into the spine and testing for pain or discomfort. The
WHITEE patch should be placed on top of that disc. For young patients
(under 40), 6 WHITEE Patches will achieve a complete healing. Patients
over 50 require LC Balancer along with the WHITEE Patches.
Anticipated Results:
We have achieved a 95% success rate with this protocol. If there is no
significant improvement within 1 month, please contact our technical
support team immediately at 888-919-1188. We offer customized solutions
depending on the patient?s diagnosis.