Gout is a form of arthritis that's characterized by sudden, severe attacks of
pain, redness and tenderness in joints caused by urate crystals
accumulation around your joint.  It is a condition as a result of aging.  With a
treatment of our
WHITEE Patch, the local blood flow and lymphatic
circulation can be greatly improved, which helps reduce and eliminate the
urate crystals in the joint.   The
LC Balancer is also recommend to achieve
the desired treatment results by improving the systematic microcirculation.  
Patients usually notice improvement in 8 days, or in 17 days if the condition
is severe.    

We recommend a continuous 3 month treatment with the WHITEE Patch and

LC Balancer which includes 3 treatment sessions.   Each session takes 1
month and requires 6 WHITEE Patches (17 days on followed by 14 days off)
and 4 LC Balancers.  Patients should experience significant pain reduction
(about 50%) after the 1st session.  After the 2nd session, patients generally
experience about 75% symptom elimination.  The 3rd session is
recommended to achieve sustained optimal results.

Patient should experience sustained pain-free period after the treatment and
the time span of the pain-free period depends on patient's age and health
condition.  For aging related osteoarthritis, if patient experience the pain
again, they may need another treatment session.