Sprains and strains

Sprains refer to injuries involving the ligaments. Strain refers to injuries of a
muscle or tendon.  Tendons connect muscles and bones.   The
is able to shorten the healing time of strains and sprains by up to 90%
by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

A first-degree sprain or muscle strain with stretched ligaments or muscle
fibers and local swelling such as ankle sprains, ACL/MCL sprains in acute
conditions can be healed in less than 2 days or even overnight with the
treatment of a single FASTT Patch applied to the injured area.

For a second-degree sprain or muscle strain with torn or raptured muscle or
ligament, local swelling and bruising, such as second-degree muscle tears,
ankle sprain, ACL/MCL tear, AC joint separations and contusions that are in
acute phase,  a complete recovery can be achieved with treatment of 2
FASTT Patches in 5 days.

Tendon strain, such as a groin pull, is hard to heal and usually develops into
a chronic condition.  A first degree tendon strain
that is in an acute condition
can be healed in 8 days with 3 FASTT Patches.  Second degree tendon tears
can be healed in 17 days with 6 FASTT Patches.   Tendon strain that is in
chronic condition can be healed in 8-17 days with 3-6 FASTT Patch

Joint cartilage in the joint can be damaged due to a sprain and it can be
healed in 8-17 days with a treatment of  3-6
WHITEE Patches.