Bursas are small fluid-filled sacs located underneath a tendon.  They
cushion the tendon as well as other adjacent structures such as bones and
muscles in order to protect them from injury and from rubbing against each
other.  Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae.  It is commonly caused by
repetitive movements, excessive pressure, or a traumatic injury.

Bursitis in an acute condition can be healed in 8-17 days with a treatment of
3 - 6
FASTT Patches.  Young patients require 3 FASTT Patches while older
patients require at least 6 FASTT Patches.  Bursitis in a chronic condition
(over 3 months) requires 6 or more FASTT Patches to achieve a complete
healing.  For chronic cases, patients may not feel an immediate pain
reduction after using the FASTT Patch, but will experience improvement at
the end of the second patch treatment.

If patients do not feel any improvement after 6 FASTT Patches, we
recommend treating the nearest joint with
WHITEE Patches as the condition
may be complicated by a joint problem.

For bursitis which is over 2 years old or in the degeneration stage with
calcification or scar tissue, the improvement with a treatment of 6 FASTT
Patches may be minimal.  An additional 6 or more
WHITEE Patches may be
required for further improvement.  For such conditions, the treatment results
will vary significantly depending on the age of the patient and the age of the
injury.  Patients may or may not experience a complete healing.