Bone fractures such as rib fracture, collar bone fracture, femur bone fracture,
hip fracture, wrist fracture, and finger or toe fracture can be healed in 8 to 17
days with 3 to 6
FASTT Patch treatment.  The FASTT Patch accelerates
healing of the fractured bone by increasing the local blood flow and the
lymphatic circulation.  For fractures that have just recently occurred (within 2
weeks), and if the patient is young, a complete healing can be achieved in 8
days with only 3 FASTT Patches.  For elderly patients, up to 6 FASTT
Patches, a 17 day treatment is required.  

Stress Fractures
A stress fracture is a common sports injury caused by "unusual or repeated
stress.    With a treatment of 3 to 6 FASTT Patches, however, the stress
fracture can be healed completely in 7 to 18 days.

Non-Union Fractures
When a bone fracture does not heal properly after a period of 1 to 3 months,
a non-union fracture can develop.  With a treatment of 6 or more
FASTT Patches,
 a complete healing can be achieved.  If there is a gap between the
bone ends, additional treatment may be required to bring the two broken
ends into close contact so as to allow the bone to grow together properly.

If the bone is completely broken, a cast or other fixture following an
orthopedic adjustment will be required to allow the bone to grow in the
proper position.

It is recommended to cover the entire injured area (including the fracture and
edema area) with the herbs.  The larger sized patches tend to work more
effectively.  Extra-large patches may be required for a hip fracture or for any
fractures that involve a large, damaged area.