Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow also called lateral epicondylitis is a tendonitis due to the
inflammation of the tendon outside of the elbow.  Another commonly
occurring tendonitis at the elbow area  is Golfer's Elbow or medial
epicondylitis.  It is due to the injury of the elbow tendon located inside the
elbow.   Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow that are in the inflammation stage
can be healed in 8 to 17 days with 3 to 6
FASTT Patch treatment.  The FASTT
Patch is able to heal elbow tendonitis by increasing local blood flow and
lymphatic circulation.

Inflammation Stage Tendonitis:
For inflammation stage tendonitis that is within 3 months of onset and there
is no scar tissue and calcification formation, a treatment  of 3 FASTT
Patches should achieve complete healing.

If the condition is over 3 months of onset, or the patient is older, and/or the
injury is caused by overuse, a 6 FASTT Patch treatment is required for
complete healing.  Patients may not feel an immediate pain reduction after
the application of one or two patches and a minimum 3 FASTT Patch
treatment is required in order to see improvement.  Patients may also
initially feel the pain getting worse as part of the healing process followed by
a reduction in pain.

Degeneration Stage Tendonitis (Tendinosis):
Degeneration stage tendonitis or tendinosis is characterized by the
calcification and/or scar tissue requires treatment with 6 FASTT Patches
followed by additional 6 or more
WHITEE Patches treatment.  Treatment
results will vary depending on the patient's age and the age of the injury.  
Patients may achieve complete healing or just partial improvement.

Tendonitis Complicated by Joint Problems:
For tendonitis that is complicated by cartilage injury or early-stage
osteoarthritis, patients may not feel any improvement with 3 to 6
FASTT Patches
 We recommend a treatment of 3-6 WHITEE Patches to heal the
cartilage damage.