Fatty liver

Liver plays a key role in body's lipid, protein and carbohydrates metabolism.  
It produces 50% of the cholesterol which was used as bile mostly to aids in
digestion.  It also produces serum protein which works as lipoproteins.   
When the liver functions poorly, it may produce excessive cholesterol and
insufficient amount of High Density Lipoproteins (HDL).  As a result, patients
will have high level of blood cholesterol, VLDL, LDL and triglyceride.  Fatty
liver condition can be developed if the excessive triglyceride forms
deposition in the liver.  With the treatment of 
Brown Juice, the liver function
can be improved and the liver is able to respond to body's demand and
produce the right amount of cholesterol and other lipids, and help dissolve
the fatty accumulated in the liver.   With 4-6 weeks treatment, patients should
have improvement in their lipid panel testing results.  A 3 months treatment
is recommended to achieve a significant improvement.

LC Balancer to a microcirculation enhancer, is also recommended to
achieve desired treatment results and to reduce the possibility of