Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is non-insulin dependent, and the age of onset is usually
over 40. It accounts for 90-95% of all diabetes cases. Type II diabetes is
characterized by hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels. In addition to this
sugar metabolic disorder, it has been shown that type II diabetes is usually
accompanied by hyperlipidemia, which means high cholesterol and a high
VLDL level, a lipid metabolic disorder. We believe that hyperglycemia in
diabetes patients may result from a hyperlipidemia condition. Abnormal lipid
levels may affect the ability of insulin to control sugar metabolism for people
whose sugar level feedback mechanism is weak. Long term abnormal
blood sugar levels in Type II diabetic patients will generate diabetic
complications including:
We recommend our Brown Juice and LC Balancer products to treat type II
diabetes and late stage complications. The  treatment is able to help
patients reduce the blood sugar level by improving the liver function and
normalize the blood lipid level.  In the meantime, the LC Balancer is able to
help patients to restore their kidney structure and function, accelerate the
healing of foot ulcers and resolve vision problems by improving the

Patients can usually see results in blood sugar level and improvement of
diabetic complications with 2 weeks of treatment. Patients may need up to 3
months of treatment for sustained blood sugar control, improved lipid level
and significant improvement of diabetic complications.