Cigarette Addiction

We believe that addiction to substances such as cigarettes,
Methamphetamine, and Cocaine are due to a chronic liver deficiency related
to the addict's genetic background based on our case studies and previous
findings which show:

  • Only a portion of people who have used a drug or cigarettes become
    addicted.  Approximately 15-20 million people have used
    Methamphetamine;  but only about 1.5-2 million (10%) people
    become addicted to it.

  • The drive to use a drug to cope with excessive stress is much
    stronger than the drive to seek pleasure from the drug.  Withdrawal
    symptoms include anxiety, agitation, and restlessness are similar to
    the symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy, a condition related to poor
    liver function.

  • 80% of drug addicts under methadone maintenance programs also
    have hepatitis C.

With the treatment of
Brown Juice,  patient's liver's structure and function can
be restored, and the urge to use the drug or cigarettes and the anxiety and
restlessness from drug withdrawal can be eliminated.  After 2 weeks of
treatment, there should be a noticeable decrease of anxiety and
uncontrollable urges to use the drug along with improvement in general well-
being and overall health.  With 2 months of treatment, the symptoms should
be significantly reduced.  A minimum of 3 months of treatment is
recommended to avoid symptom reversal.  We recommend taking the
Heptic Function and Lipoprotein Analysis tests to monitor improvement of
the liver.

LC Balancer, a microcirculation enhancer, is also recommended to
achieve the desired treatment results and to reduce the possibility of