Stress & Related Symptoms

Mental or physical stress usually create higher demand of blood and
nutrients in the brain and muscle tissues due to their elevated metabolism.  
As a result, the blood and nutrient supply to the liver is reduced.  In the
meanwhile, the elevated metabolism produces additional waste to be
processed by the liver. Compromised blood supply combined with
increased workload creates a strong challenge to the liver. If such condition
runs for an extended period of time, the liver often becomes fatigued and
less efficient.

Liver is the predominant organ for detoxifying harmful substances absorbed
from the intestine or produced by the body.  The build-up of toxic substance
in the blood produces a series of stress reactions including insomnia,
headache, migraine, nausea, mood swings, bad temper, hand tremors, and
drowsiness (hepatic encephalopathy).

With the treatment of
Brown Juice, the liver is able to resume the normal
detoxification capabilities, therefore, resolving the stress related symptoms.  
With 3 days to 2 weeks of treatment, all of the stress related symptoms can
be eliminated.  We recommend using the Brown Juice as needed.  With a
more capable liver, people can tolerate higher mental and physical

LC Balancer, a microcirculation enhancer, is also recommended to
achieve desired treatment results and to reduce the possibility of