Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread muscle and
soft tissue pain, fatigue and multiple tender points. We believe it is caused
by a systematic microcirculation blockage with a decreased level of blood
supply and lymphatic circulation in the peripheral tissue, leading to poor
oxygen and nutritional supply and metabolic wastes accumulation.  The
LC Balancer treatment is able to resolve the fibromyalgia condition and
eliminate the symptoms by restoring the normal microcirculation

Primary Fibromyalgia
It refers to the typical fibromyalgia condition and is usually observed in
patients who have a history of acute bacterial or viral infections. It also
occurs with patients who have taken prescription drugs.  The treatment with
LC Balancer formula is able to significantly improve microcirculation and
eliminates pain in the body.  Depending on the age of the patient and the
severity of the condition, patients should feel some improvement within 1
week. Treatment time to achieve symptom elimination will vary from 1 to 3

Secondary Fibromyalgia
This is usually a result of osteoarthritis, back pain or tendonitis.  We
recommend a treatment with LC Balancer and other products to treat both
the fibromyalgia and the condition that causes the fibromyalgia.  For
osteoarthritis and back pain (including herniation, or bulging disc) induced
fibromyalgia, we recommend the LC Balancer with our
WHITEE Patch If the
original condition was
tendonitis, we recommend the LC Balancer with our
FASTT Patch.

Chronic Fatigue                                
If patients have only chronic fatigue without pain, the treatment varies based
on the cause of the problem.  Most chronic fatigue cases are due to liver
deficiency (
Hepatitis, Stress, etc.), and we recommend LC Balancer and
Brown Juice.  Some cases are due to women's problem, such as post-child
birth, miscarriage or abortion, and we recommend the LC Balancer and
MayMay Capsule.Others may be due to kidney deficiency and we
recommend LC Balancer and
Xcel Capsule Occasionally, a simple
exercise program is the final solution.