Multiple Sclerosis

We view multiple sclerosis as a result of a chronic disorder involving lipid
metabolism. The neuron's myelin sheath is composed primarily of lipid
bilayers. When the lipid composition in the blood is unbalanced, the
damaged lipid bilayers of the myelin sheath are unable to be replaced
promptly. This may trigger the immune system's inflammation reaction and
eventually lead to scar formation (lesions) in the brain and spinal column.  
To help patients with such conditions, we recommend:

  • Applying the WHITEE Patch over the lesions in the spinal column
    based on the diagnosis of an MRI or CAT scan to dissolve the scar
    that has formed.

  • Taking Brown Juice and LC Balancer to improve the liver structure
    and function to restore the correct blood lipid composition which is
    necessary to repair the damage on the myelin sheath.  

Patients should have noticeable improvement with 2-3 weeks of treatment.  
More significant improvement (over 50%) can be achieved with 3 months of
treatment. A longer period of treatment is recommended for further