Chemotherapy side effects

Cancer Pain
Cancer pain is a crippling fibromyalgia condition due to the restriction of
blood flow to the peripheral muscle or soft tissue when body is trying to fight
with cancer cells.  The pain can be alleviated with the treatment of
LC Balancer
which loosens the restricted capillaries and allows blood and
nutrients to pass to the needed area.  Patients should notice pain reduction
with 3 days of the LC Balancer treatment.  A continued treatment is
recommended while patients are fighting with the cancer.

Chemo/Radiation Therapy Side Effects
Chemo/radiation therapy side effects, such as fatigue and nausea, are the
result of cellular debris accumulation and a loss of white blood cells.  The
side effects can be eliminated with LC Balancer
.  The LC Balancer improves
the microcirculation and enhances nutrients absorption and, therefore,
helps clear cellular debris quickly and  reduce or eliminate the side effects
from chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  Patients should experience
symptom improvement with a 3 days of LC Balancer treatment and a
continued treatment is recommended while patients are receiving the
chemo/radiation therapies.