Wei Laboratories, WHITEE Patch - Large 3.5" x 3"

WHITEE Patch is also a topically applied nutraceutical product that eliminates symptoms of Osteoarthritis as well as Degenerative Disc Disease with sustained pain free period without further treatment.

Storage and Shelf Life

The WHITEE Patch should be stored at 70 degree F (21degree C) out of direct sunlight, in original packaging for one year.

Size Selection
The joint area should be covered by the herbs.

Small WHITEE Patch (1.0 inch x 0.75 inch)
Finger or toe joints

Medium WHITEE Patch (2.0 inch x 1.5 inch)
Knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, and ankle joints

Large WHITEE Patch (3.5 inch x 3.0 inch)
Hip or knee joints with severe osteoarthritis

X-Large WHITEE Patch (5.0 inch x 4.5 inch)
For patients with larger body size

Peel off the paper cover and the apply the patch to the joint area with the herb in direct contact with the clean, dry skin (shaved where necessary). Patients with multiple joint/disc pain should start treating the most severe joint/disc. Patch are worn continuously for 48-hour (2 days). Remove the patch to give the skin a 24-hour (1 day) break before applying the new one to avoid skin irritation. The tape is water proof so patients can shower or swim while wearing the patch. Usually patient will feel relief after treatment with 2-3 patches. Patients with swollen joints may experience extra fluid under the patch during the first 2 to 3 patch treatment. Remove the patch and wipe off the fluid using tissues, then reapply the patch to the joint area.

Post-treatment Care
1. After removal of the patch, if there is herbal paste left on the skin, apply some vegetable oil or any cooking oil, wait for 1 minute and then wipe it off using tissues.

2. If it is difficult to remove the tape from skin, please use soap to wash it off..

3. The WHITEE Patch is a latex-free product. However, after prolonged use local skin rashes may develope in the treatment area. If rashes occur, remove the Patch and apply Antihistamine ointment to cope with itching. Avoid scratching. If the patient happens to scratch the rash and break the skin, apply an antibiotic ointment to avoid bacterial infection. If patient is sensitive to the supporting tape, cut off the surrounding tape and wrap the patch with an elastic bandage.

1. Avoid using ice or cold compresses in the joint/disc area. Heat pad will be helped.
2. Avoid using WHITEE Patch on injuries with damaged skin including scuffs, scrapes or scabs.
3. Pregnant women should not use the WHITEE Patch.
4. People with super sensitive skin should avoid WHITEE Patch. If patients get swelling lymph nodes after using the WHITEE Patch, it may due to allergic reactions to the herbal ingredients and should stop using the WHITEE Patch immediately.
6. There is no known contraindication to current medications.

The WHITEE Patch is composed of twenty different herbs with specified appellations.

All herbs are currently available but uniquely selected, prepared, treated, and processed.

Dimensions: Nutraceutical Patch
X-Large 5" x 4.5" 6.5" x 6"
Large 3" x 3.5" 4.5" x 5"
Middle 1.5" x 2" 2.5' x 3"
Small 0.75" x 1" 1.25" x 3"
  1. Myrrha
  2. Resina Ferulae
  3. Fructus Chaenomelis
  4. Cortex Periplocae
  5. Cortex Cinnamomi
  6. Radix Angelicae Sinensis
  7. Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae
  8. Radix Dipsaci
  9. Radix Aconitis Kusnezoffii
  10. Radix Angelicae Pubescentis
  11. Radix Paeoniae Rubra
  12. Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarum
  13. Rhizoma seu Radix Notopterygii
  14. Lignum Sappan
  15. Lignum Pini Nodi
  16. Margarita
  17. Concha Margaritifera Usta
  18. Concha Holiotidis
  19. Concha Ostreae
  20. Concha Meretricis seu Cyclinae

WHITEE Patch is used to accelerate the healing of joint/disc injuries and eliminate chronic pain including:

  • Herniated / bulging disc and resulting neck, back, lower back and sciatic pains: Use the Patch with LC Balancer.
  • Osteoarthritis including bone-on-bone condition: Use the Patch with LC Balancer.
  • Muscle spasm in the lower back due to pinched nerve.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Use the Patch with LC Balancer and Java Sauce.
  • Cartilage injury.

WHITEE Patch is a topically applied Chinese herbal product used to treat acute and chronic disc problem adn the resulting nerve, neck, back, lower back and sciatic pain. It is also used to treat cartilage injury, osteoarthritis and associated joint pain. For severe conditions or patients over 50, LC Balancer is also required. Patients usually notice improvement after treatment with 2-3 patches and up to 6 patches for severe conditions. For elderly patients with severe osteoporosis, however, it may take 1 to 1.5 months. During the treatment, patients may experience varies pain pattern due to both healing and increased nerve sensations: 1) Straight forward pain reduction; 2) Initially increased pain then pain reduction; 3) A mixed pattern of getting better first, then getting worse, and then getting better. For aging related problem, the symptoms may return later and another treatment up to two weeks may be required. If the pain is posture or activity related, it is recommended to resume the posture or activity to make the pain constant to trigger healing mechanism during the treatment.

  1. Muscle Spasm due to Pinched Nerve or Injury Induced Early DDD - WHITEE Patch should be placed directly on the disc/vertebrae that is pinching the nerve and generating the spasm. Locate the disc that is associated with the spasm by palpating the spine for pain or discomfort. For young patients (under 40), complete symptom elimination can be achieved with treatment of 6 WHITEE Patches. Patients over 50 require LC Balancer along with the WHITEE Patch.
  2. Bulging Disc - For contained bulging disc and resulting neck, back, lower back pain and sciatic pain, a 2 week treatment with 6 WHITEE Patches and 2 LC Balancers is recommended. At the end of 1st week and 2nd week of treatment, mechanical adjustments are recommended. For severe condition where the disc is on the verge of rupture, a 50% pain reduction can be expected with the 2 week treatment, and a 3 month treatment is required. (refer to Disc Herniation below). If patients did not experience pain reduction with the herbal treatment and adjustment, a special exercise program is recommended. For non-contained bulging disc, other treatment such as surgery may be required.
  3. Disc Herniation - For herniated disc and resulting neck, back, lower back pain and sciatic pain, a 3 month treatment program that includes 3 treatment sessions is recommended. Each session takes 2 weeks and requires 6 WHITEE Patches and 2 LC Balancers followed with a 2 week break with LC Balancer only. After the 1st session, patients should have significant symptom reduction but may feel a return of some pain to a certain level which should be at ~50% of the original intensity. For extremely severe cases, dosage of the LC Balancer should be at 3 times a day. After the 2nd treatment session, patient may get ~75% total symptom elimination. The 3rd treatment session is recommended in the 3rd month to achieve sustained pain reduction. It's important to avoid heavy lifting or rigorous exercise during the 3 month period to allow complete healing.
  4. Stenosis and Bone Spur - Please follow the treatment for Disc Herniation. Dosage of LC Balancer should be 3 times daily. Maximum pain reduction may be 50% - 100% after 3 month treatment.
  5. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome - The treatment is the same as Disc Herniation with the dosage of LC Balancer at 3 times daily. The success rate is ~50% for metal replacement surgery.
  6. Traumatic Disc Injury - Patient may experience moderate to severe pain increase, dizziness (cervical disc injury), nausea and/or vomiting (thoracic disc injury), skin bruises, or black stool during the initial 3 patch treatment due to nerve restoration and clearance of the dead tissue or blood as a result of healing.
  7. Mild and Moderate Osteoarthritis - Mild and moderate osteoarthritis of the joints, such as knee, hip, shoulder and/or facet joint: requires treatment of 6 WHITEE Patches in the joint area to achieve sustained symptom elimination. Patients over 50 may also need LC Balancer.
  8. Severe Osteoarthritis - For severe osteoarthritis with swollen joint and/or in bone-on-bone conditions, osteoarthritis at multiple joint locations, over the extremities, or at the knee / hip joints where transdermal access is limited, it is recommended a 3 month treatment program that includes 3 treatment sessions (see Disc Herniation treatment). After the 1st session, pain level should be at ~50% of the original intensity depending on the individual patient's condition. After the 2nd treatment session, patient may get ~75% symptom elimination. The 3rd treatment session is recommended in the 3rd month for sustained results. For severe cases, dosage of the LC Balancer should be at 3 times daily.
  9. Rheumatoid arthritis - It is recommended to treat the affected joint with WHITEE Patches and take the LC Balancer and Java Sauce. Refer to the Java Sauce Indication for details.
  10. Cartilage Injuries - Cartilage injuries such as Chondromalacia Patellar Syndrome or other types of cartilage compression, cracked or torn cartilage require the same treatment as osteoarthritis. For weight bearing joints, such as the Calcaneal joint, please immobilize it during the treatment to avoid further damage.
  11. Cyst and Scars - Baker's Cyst in the knee, Ganglion cyst in the hand, feet or other areas can be eliminated with 3 to 6 WHITEE Patches. It will not recur once it is healed. Scars caused by injury or surgery can be minimized with WHITEE Patches. The color and roughness of the scar can be improved more than 50% with 6 WHITEE Patches.
  12. Disc and/or Joint Patient with No Improvement and/or Other Complications - If there is no improvement with 1 to 1.5 month treatment and patient has other complications, contact